Converting Lux to PPFD

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Spectrometer and Quantum Sensor can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and not every grower can afford them. A simple Lux meter or Lux meter app on phone can be used to ensure even light spread across canopy.

This guide gives an estimate for converting Lux to PPFD. Data used in this calculation is form HLG 550 lab reports. The converted PPFD data will be accurate if the entered Lux data is accurate.

QB 288 3000K

Version Lumens PPF Lumens/PPF
QB 288 V2 80833.17 1178.05 68.61607742
QB 288 V1 77963.72 1159.35 67.2477854


Just divide the Lux value you are getting with the Lumens/PPF to get the PPFD value.


Calculator For QB 288 V2 3000K

Enter Lux Value :




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Horticulture Lighting Group


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December 04, 2018

Hey there. This is just what I was looking for! However, would the conversion factor change if I am running (2) 260 QB V2 3000k?

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