QB 288 V2 is made by Samsung and offers higher efficiency

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QB 288 V2

Horticulture QB 288 V2 are now made by Samsung using the latest LM301B LED. Currently QB 288 V2 is available in 3000K and 4000K Spectrum. For a Comparion of QB 288 V1 and QB 288 V2 see our next article HLG 550 V2 vs HLG 550 V1

The Original QB 288 was launched in November 2016 using LM 561C with A1 voltage and S5 flux bin. In first quarter of 2017, QB 288 was upgraded to AZ voltage bin and S6 flux bin. In May 2018 we launched QB 288 V2, which uses Latest Samsung LM301B LED with highest flux bin and lowest Voltage bin. Currently QB 288V2 is the most powerful and efficient High power Horticulture light engine available.

QB288 V2 (left)

QB288 V1 (Right)

QB 288 V1 vs V2


Flux Characteristics with QB 288 V2 3000K, S6 Bin at 55C

 VDC Current (mA) Watts at Board  Lm/W at Board (55C) μmoles/joule at Board (55C)
45.72 500 22.86 206 3.00
46.98 1050 49.33 196.10 2.85
47.70 1400 66.78 190.50 2.77
48.96 2100 102.82 180.77 2.63
49.50 2400 118.80 177.50 2.58
49.86 2800 139.60 173.80 2.53


Flux Characteristics with QB 288 V1 3000K, S6 Bin at 55C

 VDC Current (mA) Watts at Board  Lm/W at Board (55C) μmoles/joule at Board (55C)
47.23 500 23.67 195.5 2.90
48.96 1050 51.40 183.6 2.73
49.68 1400 69.52 177.6 2.64
51.12 2100 107.35 167.3 2.48
51.66 2400 123.98 163.6 2.43
52.20 2800 146.16 158.8 2.36
  • Allow tolerance of an additional 1V while matching drivers.
  • Please use this as a reference only.


Samsung QB 288 V2


QB 288 V2




Horticulture Lighting Group
Horticulture Lighting Group


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October 20, 2018

I wish you would offer offer Q -boards with 12, 24 and 48v nominal voltage options for battery based systems. Coupling solar/ wind energy with high efficient LED is of the greatest efficiency and makes great sense. Utilizing high efficient DC solar collectors and wind turbines with Maximize Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technologies and DC voltage controllers could Directly power led lighting, without the use of a specific led driver. Also one could enhance growing conditions utilizing both alternative energy and LED lighting simultaneously. in this application a green house for example during periods of low solar radiation could efficiently extend growing conditions during periods of low solar seasons.

Sir SmokAlot c
Sir SmokAlot c

July 13, 2018

Hey how’s it going guys? I was wondering what’s the highest I could run my 320 fixtures. I noticed when I turned the dial it reached 360 and it could have gone higher maybe. Is it possible to burn out thediodes if I turn it to the max? Thanks for all your help . I’m running two in a 5×5 space

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