320W XL QB324 V2 LED Kit

Includes Bluetooth Controller/Scheduler

320W XL QB 324 V2 Kit is powered with QB324 V2 Quantum Board. Currently only available in 3500K. Optional Secondary Optics for maximum light control even outside grow tents.



  • Inventronics EUD-320 Driver
  • Bluetooth Controller/Scheduler
  • 2x QB324 V2 Quantum Board Powered by LM301B 3500K
  • 1x Slate 2  Heatsink. Length 891mm
  •  Anodized Slate 5 Aluminum Extrusion
  •  Hanger, Power Cord, Wires, Wagos, M3 Screws


Dimmable 100-365 Watts
Length 891mm
Width 205mm
Veg Footprint 5x5 sqft
Recommended Flower Footprint 2.5x5 sqft or 2x4 sqft
Dimensions Length:891mm, Width:205mm


Top Features

  •  Reliable Passive Cooled Design
  •  Bluetooth Controller/Scheduler
  •  Full Spectrum for better results
  •  Ideal for Veg and Bloom
  • 1 Year Warranty


Optics Lens not sold separately. Please select lens option during if you need optics

Bluetooth dimming included

Boards should be wired in series with the driver for maximum output


Bluetooth Controller/Scheduler

Wire colors

Click image to zoom

Click here to get App for iOS 8.0 or later

Click here to get App for Android 5.0 or later

After installing app follow instructions on page 11 of User Manual


Optics by



No Thermal Interface Material is required between the LED board and the heatsink.

Remove black plug on driver and use Philips head screw driver for dimming

LED Driver color wires


Molex Lite Trap


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