90W QB LED Kit

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Ready to assemble 90W LED Board kit

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95 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB304 or QB 288 Samsung 561C top bin Diodes. Suited for main light and supplement lighting.

Dimmable  45-95Watts
Veg Footprint 2x3 sqft
Recommended Flower Footprint 2x1.5 sqft
Max Flower Footprint 2x2 sqft



  • 1x QB288 Board with 288pcs Samsung 561C top bin Diodes
  • 1x Slate 1 Predrilled 310mm Heatsink
  • Meanwell HLG-80H-700A or HLG-80H-54A LED Driver. 91.5% Driver Efficiency
  • 8FT Nema 5-15P 16/3 SJTW NA Power Cord or equivalent for standard 120VAC with cable connector
  • 2ft solid core Wire, 2x Wago Connectors for DC wiring
  • Hanger Clips

Lab test data:

Input Voltage (VAC/60Hz) 120.00
Input Power (W) 96.27
Lumen Output 15980
Ambient Temperature 25.0 C
Lamp temperature 60.9 C
Stabilization Time (Hours): 0:45
Efficacy with S6 Flux bin 166Lm/W


Lamp Efficiency 2.48 µmol/J with S6 Flux bin.

Board Level Efficiency 2.71 µmol/J with S6 Flux bin.

LED Gardener Review

No Thermal Interface Material is required between the LED board and the heatsink.

Remove black plug on driver and use Philips head screw driver for dimming 45-95 Watts.

LED Driver color wires


Molex Lite Trap


Slate 1 90W Kit


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