Horticulture Lighting Group

The CX-6 is a suitable replacement for a 600 watt HPS. Featuring 6 Top Bin Citizen CLU048 this light will produce robust growth and flowering while consuming 50% of the energy of an equivalent HID.

Up to 4 units can be daisy chained together with supplied cord.

Flowering Footprint: Up to 3'X4'

Vegetative Footprint: Up to 4'X5'

PPF: 605 umol/sec

PPFD: 722 umol/sec/m2 in a 3'X3' area

Dimensions: 18"X13"X3.5"

Wattage:  336  @ 120 vac

Voltage: 90-265 vac

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Category: CX Series, Lamps

Type: Led Light

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