Precautions and Handling Quantum Boards

Precautions and Handling Quantum Boards


To prevent the LED Lighting Modules from creating any defectives, please handle the LED Lighting modules with care as follows.

  1. Don’t drop the unit and don’t give the unit any shocks.
  2. Don’t bend the PCB and don’t touch the LED Resin.
  3. Don’t store the Module in a environment with dust.
  4. Don’t disassemble the product.
  5. Don’t touch the LED and also PCB and other circuit parts of Module with your naked fingers or sharpness things.
  6. Do not touch the board while in operation, and take care to not pull wire during operation.
  7. *VOCs can be generated from adhesives, flux, hardener or organic additives used in luminaires. This phenomenon can cause a significant loss of light emitted from the luminaires. In order to prevent these problems, we recommend users to understand the physical properties of the materials uses  of luminaires, and they must be selected carefully. (*VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds)


The LED Lighting Modules should not be used in any type of fluid such as water, oil, organic solvent, etc. It is recommended that IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) be used as a solvent for cleaning the LED Lighting Modules. When using other solvents, it should be confirmed beforehand whether the solvents will not dissolve the package and the resin. Freon solvents should not be used to clean the LED's because of worldwide regulations. Do not clean the LED Lighting Modules using ultrasonic means. Before cleaning, a pre-test should be done to confirm whether any damage to the LED Lighting modules will occur.

Static Electricity 

Static electricity or surge voltage will damage the LED Lighting Modules. Please keep the working process in an anti-static electricity condition to prevent damage to the Light engine Module.

  1. Anyone who handles the unit should be well grounded. (earth ring or anti - static glove)
  2. Anyone who handles the unit should wear anti-electrostatic working clothes.
  3. All kinds of devices and instruments, such as working tables, measuring instruments and assembly jigs in your production lines should be well grounded.