Thermal Guide for QB 96 Elite Board

by Horticulture Lighting Group

QB 96 Elite Board

QB 96 Elite Board Combo includes heatsinks. Click here to learn more.

QB 96 Elite Board board is also available without heatsink. It comes with just board and a permanent thermal pad. Click here to learn more. 120 mm diameter pin heatsink can be sued for max 120 watts, 140mm for 160 watts. Aluminum extrusions can be used however they will need tall pins to perform and most extrusions have a thin base that does not spread heat easily.


QB 96 Elite Board can operate at max 85C board temperature. It needs a heatsink to operate above 20 watts. Irreversible damage to board, solder and LED will occur if proper heatsink is not used and this damage is not covered under warranty.

QB 96 Elite overheat

Horticulture Lighting Group
Horticulture Lighting Group


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