Choosing Between HLG Scorpion® and HLG 600/650

Choosing Between HLG Scorpion® and HLG 600/650

Horticulture Lighting Group offers two designs of High Power Commercial Grow lamps. HLG Scorpion® design is a bigger lamp with wider spread and slightly higher efficiency.  HLG Standard design 600/650 offers a compact and cost effective option with superior light penetration like HPS lamps.

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HLG Scorpion® may be suitable for some growers depending on the height available in grow space or grow tent and the method of growing. HLG Scorpion® is designed to perform better for grows with low ceiling heights or vertical racks. Six LED modules with wide spacing between the modules allows Scorpion® lamp to spread the light evenly when close to canopy without any hot spots.

HLG Standard series 600/650R take 3.75ft of height in a grow space. This makes our standard lamp less suitable for growing in vertical racks as vertical space is limited due to 2 or 3 tiers of grow. Also if you have a low ceiling or grow tent under 7' then you may not have enough height for your plants to grow. HLG Standard series offers an exceptional canopy light penetration like the HPS lamps. HLG Standard series 600/650R are the most popular choice for commercial grows as it offers the best Efficiency/$ and Output/$ in the industry.

HLG 600 650 Mounting Height
HLG Scorpion® series uses only 2 to 2.5 ft of vertical height in a grow space. This low profile design makes it ideal for growing in Vertical racks. Scorpion® is also suitable grow spaces with low ceiling or grow tent under 7'.
Scorpion LED lamp mount height