Dual HLG 350R vs HLG 650R

by Amit C

Both HLG 350R and HLG 650R and powered by HLG's latest Diablo Quantum Boards® and offer the same full spectrum. Both are ETL listed commercial Horticulture fixtures and have enough power to replace a 1000W Double Ended HPS with only half the power consumption.

Two HLG 350R may be better for you if you are looking for better light spread, more output and do not mind wiring 2 AC power plugs. 

For Veg spaces Two HLG 350R's give you a lot more flexibility on light spread. HLG 650R is limited to only a square footprint.


HLG 650R




Dual 350 LED
1770 PPF Output 1940 PPF Output
630 Watts 700 Watts
2.81 PPF/W Efficiency 2.9 PPF/W Efficiency
Samsung LM301H & LH351 Deep Red 660nm Samsung LM301H & Deep Red 660nm
Replaces a 1000W Double Ended HPS Replaces a 1000W Double Ended HPS
29" x 22" x 4" Two 34.5" x 10" x 2.75"
5' x 5' Flowering at 30-34 inches 5' x 5' Flowering at 15- 24 inches
90-277 VAC 90-277 VAC
91 CRI 91 CRI
3600K - 3700K CCT 3600K - 3700K CCT
2.70 Red/Blue 2.70 Red/Blue


Amit C
Amit C