HLG Commercial Indoor Horticulture LED

HLG offers high power lamps capable of replacing up to 1000W Double Ended HID

HLG Standard design 600/650 offers a compact and cost effective option with superior light penetration like 1000W DE HPS lamps

HLG Scorpion is designed to perform better for grows with low ceiling heights or vertical racks

Choosing HLG Scorpion and HLG 600/650

Comparing Scorpion Diablo vs Scorpion R spec®

Comparing HLG 600 Rspec vs HLG 650R

Estimate HVAC Requirements


Conforms to UL Std 1598
Certified to CSA Std C22.2#250.0

Available with 120V, 240V, 277V power cords. NEMA 5-15P or NEMA 6-16P or NEMA L7-20P