QB120 V2 Board Guide

High efficiency boards designed for Horticulture Lighting projects. QB 120 Boards can be powered upto 70 watts. Ideal for use in grow tents or grow area with reflective walls and grow spaces with limited height. No metal heatsink or thermal paste is required .


  • 120pcs Samsung LM301H
  • Molex Connectors rated 300V 9A
  • Estimated LER 321.60 lm/W
  • Estimated QER 4.86 µmol/J
  • Dimensions 280mm x 240mm
  • Max current per board 2800mA

Flux Characteristics with 4000K

VDC Current (mA) Watts at Board Lm/W at Board (55C) μmoles/joule at Board (55C)
21.8 1050 22.8 203 2.95
22.0 1400 31 198 2.8
22.32 2100 47 190 2.76
22.48 2500 57 186 2.7
22.64 2800 64 183 2.66


  • Allow tolerance of an additional 1V while matching drivers.
  • Please use this as a reference only.


QB 120 with Molex connector is recommended for 1 or more boards in parallel or in series. 300V rated Molex connector allows upto 10 Boards in series. Boards feature connectors on each side for daisy chaining power to next board. for higher power parallel application, wire each board separately without daisy chaining to avoid voltage drop after first board. Recommended drivers


Popular Driver



Non Dimmable


* HLG series drivers are CV+CC . Driver with 54V can be used instead of 48V. However power will reduce by 10%-15% . example: HLG-120H-54 can be used instead of HLG-120H-48


Single or Multiple in Parallel

Non Dimmable


Series Wiring Options

4x QB120 in Series with HLG-240H-C2100

QB 120 in series

4x QB120 in Series with HLG-240H-C2100

4 Boards in series


Series & Parallel Wiring Options

2x QB 120 can be wired in series to power with HLG-100H-48

2x QB 120 can be added in parallel to each board to power with  HLG-240H-48

QB Series Parallel


Parallel Wiring Options

2x QB 120 can be used in parallel with a HLG-100H-24

QB Parallel Wiring


4x QB 120 can be used in parallel with a HLG-240H-24

Qb Parallel