QB132 V2 Quantum Boards


QB132 Quantum Boards® (4 Pack)

High efficiency boards designed for DIY projects. Each board can be powered up to 75 watts. No Thermal Interface Material or heatsink is required. Does not work with Slate series Heatsinks.



  • 4 piece QB 132 LED Boards
  • 132pcs Samsung LM301H LED per board
  • 1 Molex Connectors, Push-Button Type
  • Dimensions 300mm x 225mm
  • 36V DC. Max current  2100mA



Board's power wires can optionally be soldered.

  • Molex Connector

Wire can be pushed into the connector. To unmate,  push down lever on the housing to allow the wire to be disengaged. Rated 300V 9A. Max 10 boards in series wiring.

Molex Lite trap


Driver Options

For more driver options check here

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