HLG HLG 325 Max
HLG HLG 325 Max
HLG HLG 325 Max
HLG HLG 325 Max
HLG HLG 325 Max
HLG HLG 325 Max

HLG 325 Max

Regular price$299.00


Our HLG 325 Max Indoor Horticulture LED grow light is designed for use in a 3' x 3' tent. It can also be used in a 4x4 tent for veg or mother plants.

Top Features

  • Full spectrum for better results
  • Reliable passive-cooled design
  • Dimmable power supply included
  • Auto sensing power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC
  • High efficiency white light Quantum Boards®
  • 3 Year Warranty


    Power* 35-325 Watts
    Voltage Range 90-277 VAC
    Flowering Footprint 3' x 3'
    Veg Footprint 4' x 4'
    Dimensions 24" x 20" x 1.75"
    Recommended Mounting Height 18-24 inches

    * This lamp does not Dim to Off. At min dimming it runs at 10% output

    All domestic orders ship in 1-4 business days. International orders ship in 5-10 business days.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Rodney Lee
    HLG 325 Max

    My plants love this light! Normally I'd remove the "popcorn" buds as they never grow much, not anymore with this light. The penetration of the light lets those buds develop good size and they are firm!

    Peter Patall
    So far great

    I've got a passion flower, habiscus tree, some veggies and herbs under this light and everything is liking it. Build quality seems good. I'm far from an expert but I'm happy with it. It's definitely hard to look at when at full blast.

    H Miller
    So far so good.

    Not as bright as I thought it would be. Only 1st week using the light. Have Diablo and 600r both last and work well so high hopes

    Lights for the Serius Grower who will accept only the highest quality

    I absolutely love my 325 watt HLG , this is what you want if your serious about high yields , and a truly full spectrum lighting source, also safety conscious growers don’t need to worry about cooling with fans. THANKS HLG , Craig

    HLG 325 Max

    I would not recommend this light