Product Comparison

Comparing HLG 600 Rspec vs HLG 650R
HLG 650R consumes 5.5% more power than HLG 600 Rspec HLG 650R delivers 16% more output than HLG 600 Rspec HLG 650R is 8% more efficient than HLG 600 Rspec HLG 650R is 30% more expensive than HLG 600 Rspec...
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Comparing HLG 350R vs HLG 300L Rspec
HLG 350R is commercial grade and better suited for commercial Veg operations. HLG 350R offers following advantages Consumes 35% more power than HLG 300L Rspec Delivers 38% more output than HLG 300L Rspec Higher efficiency than HLG 300L Rspec HLG...
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Comparing HLG 600 Rspec vs HLG 550 Rspec
HLG 600 Rspec features a slightly bigger heatsink and a 600W driver to give you 18% more output compared to HLG 550 Rspec. 18% More intensity for bigger coverage and bigger yields. All the performance gain for the same $849...
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Comparing HLG 550 R spec vs HLG 650R
HLG 650R HLG 550 Rspec   Product spec sheet: HLG 650R Product spec sheet: HLG 550 V2 1770 PPF Output 1300 PPF Output 630 Watts 500 Watts 2.81 PPF/W Efficiency 2.65 PPF/W Efficiency Samsung LM301H & LH351 Deep Red 660nm...
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