UVA Supplement lamp.

Use during last 3-5 weeks of flowering for 3-4 hrs a day during lights on period.

Do not directly look at the lamp when powered on and use PC or UV eye protection while working with this lamp powered on. Optionally turn this lamp off while working on plants.


Top Features

  • Increases resin production
  • Repels bugs and pest
  • 1400mA power supply included
  • Each lamp can provide UVA for up to 4x4 space
  • LED provide a longer life compared to florescent UVA



Power 36 Watts
Voltage Range 90 VAC to 264 VAC
LED 365nm 16 pcs
LED 385nm 8 pcs
LED 405nm 4 pcs
System Efficiency 156 Lm/W
Dimensions 560mm X 35mm


This product does not have any UVB or UVC

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